Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Review and Analysis #2
The Wolverine 

The film begins with a wide shot of a landscape, then the camera slowly pans to the right and we are given more of an idea of where this scene is located. Whilst the camera pans we hear planes drowning (Diegetic audio) followed by the sound of sirens. The Camera pans and halts at an establishing shot where the audience can identify that scene is located at military base, furthermore we hear shouting in Japanese which tells us that the base were looking is in Japan. Next we see a point of view shot, and the camera is looking at the camp site through a thin gap. We are then presented with another establishing shot and we can see place of where the person was looking through the gap. The camera slowly zooms in on the place whilst people run in and out of the shot. We then see an Over the shoulder shot of the person looking through the whole again, but this time we can see some of the persons face, at this point the audience can identify the character as Wolverine, however there hasn't yet been an establishing shot to validate it. 

Before watching the film I had heard that the film wasn't that good, however when I watched the film for myself I found out this was not the case. The Wolverine was action packed and formed a nice bridge between the previous X men movie (X- Men Last Stand) and the follow up (X-Men: Days of Future Past). This is the second solo wolverine movie; however I did not find myself disappointed with it like I was with the first one. The only slight critiques I have for the film was the use of swear words. Whenever they were used they sounded out of place and did not suit the character and you kind of felt like it were forced. Hugh Jackman 100% delivers again as wolverine in this movie, we a switch between wolverine being strong and powerful to weak and vulnerable and back to being strong again. This created a roller coaster effect throughout the movie and kept you thinking what could happen next. The film is mainly based in Japan, which gave the film a fresh new story line and a new feel to the Sixth instalment of the X-Men films. 

Film Rating 

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