Tuesday, 11 February 2014

review 2 : Inception

Inceptions title sequence was not at the start of the film, however the opening sequence is still analyzable regardless because it contains key information which helps to build up the films story plot. The introduction music is  non diegetic music and is used while the production company logo's are displayed. Instantly the scene is set as we see crashing waves and a beach. Diegetic sound comes the waves crashing against on the rocks on the beach. We are instantly introduced to the main character of the film and lead actor of the film (Leonardo DiCaprio). We are also presented with two children that are playing on the beach. At this moment in time we are unclear of the relation and connection between the man laying on the beach and the children playing on the beach. This causes viewers to wonder what is going on and engages the the audience as they wish to know what this scene means.A Gun is pressed on the back of the mans back and shortly after the person with the gun is revealed to the audience. This adds more confusion to the scene because we have just gone from seeing kids playing on a beach to a man being threatened with a gun. The two scenes are juxtaposed by us seeing the man being pressed with gun whilst we still hear the sound of the kids playing. We are then presented with an establishing shot where can now see in more detail where the scene is set. We already knew that the location was at beach however the establishing scene verifies this and allows the audience to see where the characters are currently located.  


The film was really good kept me engaged and entertained even though the film was very long. It had a very smart story line that worked well.

 Film Rating  : 5 star

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