Monday, 24 February 2014

Equipment breakdown : Reflector


This will be used when filming our man getting ready so that is is not just a bunch of dark shadows.

  • 36 inch studio umbrella 

  • Adjustable 

Equipment breakdown : Light Source


The illuminator will allow us to see the subjects that we are filming 

  • Candela per square metre (cd/m2)

  • Camera attachment 

  • Adjustable 

Equipment breakdown : DSLR Camera

Sony DSLR Camera 

  • Interchangeable lenze 

  • manual zoom 

  • manual focus 

  • controllable flash 

  • 1080p HD video 

  • semi translucent mirror

  • electronic view finder

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Filming equipment (using)

Equipment list :

  • DSLR Camera 
  • External light source 
  • Camera support stand 
  • Dolly
  • Filming track 
  • Reflector

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Poster 2

review 2 : Inception

Inceptions title sequence was not at the start of the film, however the opening sequence is still analyzable regardless because it contains key information which helps to build up the films story plot. The introduction music is  non diegetic music and is used while the production company logo's are displayed. Instantly the scene is set as we see crashing waves and a beach. Diegetic sound comes the waves crashing against on the rocks on the beach. We are instantly introduced to the main character of the film and lead actor of the film (Leonardo DiCaprio). We are also presented with two children that are playing on the beach. At this moment in time we are unclear of the relation and connection between the man laying on the beach and the children playing on the beach. This causes viewers to wonder what is going on and engages the the audience as they wish to know what this scene means.A Gun is pressed on the back of the mans back and shortly after the person with the gun is revealed to the audience. This adds more confusion to the scene because we have just gone from seeing kids playing on a beach to a man being threatened with a gun. The two scenes are juxtaposed by us seeing the man being pressed with gun whilst we still hear the sound of the kids playing. We are then presented with an establishing shot where can now see in more detail where the scene is set. We already knew that the location was at beach however the establishing scene verifies this and allows the audience to see where the characters are currently located.  


The film was really good kept me engaged and entertained even though the film was very long. It had a very smart story line that worked well.

 Film Rating  : 5 star


Review and Analysis #2
The Wolverine 

The film begins with a wide shot of a landscape, then the camera slowly pans to the right and we are given more of an idea of where this scene is located. Whilst the camera pans we hear planes drowning (Diegetic audio) followed by the sound of sirens. The Camera pans and halts at an establishing shot where the audience can identify that scene is located at military base, furthermore we hear shouting in Japanese which tells us that the base were looking is in Japan. Next we see a point of view shot, and the camera is looking at the camp site through a thin gap. We are then presented with another establishing shot and we can see place of where the person was looking through the gap. The camera slowly zooms in on the place whilst people run in and out of the shot. We then see an Over the shoulder shot of the person looking through the whole again, but this time we can see some of the persons face, at this point the audience can identify the character as Wolverine, however there hasn't yet been an establishing shot to validate it. 

Before watching the film I had heard that the film wasn't that good, however when I watched the film for myself I found out this was not the case. The Wolverine was action packed and formed a nice bridge between the previous X men movie (X- Men Last Stand) and the follow up (X-Men: Days of Future Past). This is the second solo wolverine movie; however I did not find myself disappointed with it like I was with the first one. The only slight critiques I have for the film was the use of swear words. Whenever they were used they sounded out of place and did not suit the character and you kind of felt like it were forced. Hugh Jackman 100% delivers again as wolverine in this movie, we a switch between wolverine being strong and powerful to weak and vulnerable and back to being strong again. This created a roller coaster effect throughout the movie and kept you thinking what could happen next. The film is mainly based in Japan, which gave the film a fresh new story line and a new feel to the Sixth instalment of the X-Men films. 

Film Rating 

Shooting in the dark : Our issues

Our Issues

Our main issue when we were shooting in the dark was being able to show the objects and people we were trying to show. We struggled to get good lighting on the subjects we were trying to show.

We ended up using a spotlight to try and get adequate lighting. This spotlight was ok for filming at a slight distance but was way to harsh for filming close up.

Mise en scene : Action films ( part 2 )

Mise en scene : Action films

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Focus Pulling : Blur

Focus Pulling

A focus puller is a member of the film crew’s camera department whose primary responsibility is to maintain image sharpness on whatever subject or action is being filmed. "Pulling focus" refers to the act of changing the lens’s focus distance setting in correspondence to a moving subject’s physical distance from the focal plane.

But I doubt i will need to use this effect

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Motion Blur

Motion blur 

Motion blur comes when the videocamera or normal camera either has to slow of a shutter speed or if it just simply can not capture the image due to the speed it is travelling. The final way that the motion blur can come is because the person that is shoot thing the photo or video moves the camera as the shot is being taken.


Another way that this specific type of blur is done is by using long exposures but this is far more common in photography rather that filming. this is still possible when shooting a film , but you will have to have a camera with the correct capabilities.

Mood board : Blur

Bluuring film : Defocus abberration

 Bluuring film


Defocus Aberration

Defocus is the aberration in which an image is simply out of focus. This sort of aberration would be familiar to anyone who is has used a ' camera, video camera, microscope, telescope, binoculars '. This will give the effect of a multiple number of lights but shown in a way that is left more for the viewer to imagine what is going on and what the lights are coming from. In simple terms defocus reduces the sharpness and contrast of the image.  What would originally be sharp high focused edges would then be changed into very rounded unfocused edges.