Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Limitless : Intro


The intro starts with with a tracking shot that is done as if the main actor has either fallen or dropped off of the top of a building. This then goes straight into showing the title and then a tracking shot that goes through out the city , it is also making its way through other objects like buildings and cars using zoom. They show speed in this part of the clip by editing it to make it blurred , this gives the audience a sense of pace in the film.

They then focus on zoomed in images of signs and posters showing the brain and its power , which this has a major relevance to the film. The film is all about a drug that allows you to access all of your brain simultaneously.

Then the next part that comes into play is the movement through the different parts of the brain. The amount of different levels that they go through gives the thought to the reader that the brain is so big , deep and complex that is will be amazing if it could be fully explored or accessed.

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